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What is somatic coaching?

learning how to be in choice

We all have layers we’ve accumulated over the years. These are things like management strategies, protective barriers, defensive reactions, and conditioned responses. At times, the layers have done an excellent job at keeping us safe, and at other times the layers may prevent us from engaging in life how we'd like.


Through somatic coaching, we build our awareness of the impact these layers have on us, and we explore practices that allow us to choose what we bring to various situations in our life–ideally to get the end result we desire. For instance, that tendency to control minute details when under pressure may work well for your career goals in a demanding job with tight deadlines but doesn't allow for the warmth you want to cultivate in your close personal relationships.

So, if our endgame is choice, how do we get there? How do we create more choice in our life so we can align our actions with what we care about? 


We start by getting to know ourselves more–building awareness of our desires and needs and then beginning to identify where in our life we're showing up in ways that actually foster or block us from attending to those desires and needs. 

Somatic coaching helps us to be more present with our thoughts and feelings in our mind and body, so we can begin to know ourselves more. We learn how to regulate our emotional state and nervous system. We strengthen our resilience and build a capacity to be present with life as it is in the moment.


After just a few sessions, you and others may notice shifts in your actions, reactions, and choices. You'll notice how differently you set and hold boundaries, make requests, offer feedback, and navigate conflict from a place of choice. You may even notice changes in how you stand and how you move. Somatic coaching impacts our whole person.

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"With somatic coaching we realize our complexities can be our gifts and that there is nothing wrong and nothing missing."

We strengthen our resilience and build a capacity to be present with life as it is at the moment.

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