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More about me 

Imagine no longer searching for those things that are wrong with you or for what’s missing in your leadership. Imagine freeing up energy to instead live a life aligned with what you love and care about and to be the leader you know you can be.

This is the essence of the way I coach.

We leverage ALL of you, and we go deep. By working with and through the body, I use somatic coaching and somatic bodywork to address deep rooted habits and conditioning that may be preventing clients from living a life aligned with their current priorities and values. This misalignment often results in people feeling they're not living up to their full potential, that something is missing, or that something's wrong with them.


I start from the space that there's nothing wrong with anyone, and I honor that each human journey is unique. There's no predetermined route to accessing your full potential. We'll co-create a path together, and I'm beyond excited to support your growth. For me, coaching is a labor of love and a calling. These pixels cannot capture how honored and grateful I am to share your journey with you. 

More about me.

I'm passionate about working with people from all walks of life who want to reach their full potential and find a sense of balance in even the most demanding of lifestyles. I deeply understand the impact of high pressure environments, and I am adept at helping my clients integrate their experiences from high pressure or conflict circumstances into a renewed vision of their best self. Through somatic coaching and bodywork, I rely on a seasoned capacity to read people. And my unique ability to create an environment of trust and safety invites my clients to deeply explore their actions, choices, bodies, and stories inside the coaching process.​


"We address deep rooted habits and conditioning that may be preventing you from living a life aligned with your current priorities."


Strozzi Institute Somatic Coaching Certification

Strozzi Institute Somatic Bodywork Training Certificate

Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor (200 RYT)

ICF (International Coaching Federation) Certified Coach (ACC)



My team and I had the pleasure of working with Lacinda's Embodied Wholeness coaching and was blown away. I was left with an awareness of how I present myself in my everyday life and how that translates into my business. I would certainly recommend Embodied Wholeness to anyone, on an individual or group level. It was a great team building experience.


My work with Lacinda was impactful and transformative! Lacinda provided a warm, safe and encouraging environment as I explored avenues to accomplish my goals. While concentrating on those areas of change, many other positive personal changes occurred. Lacinda guided my transformation, ultimately bringing me more confidence, balance, joy and contentment!


I have loved every moment of working with Lacinda through her somatic coaching and bodywork. Her coaching helps me access deeper and intuitive wisdom that can be found when I pay attention to what is going on in my body as well as in my mind and heart. Lacinda creates a calm, grounded and supportive space for us to connect. As a result of our work together, I have experienced a great shift in my life, everywhere from how I see myself to how I interact with my loved ones and acquaintances. This is some of the most effective and powerful work I have done from a leadership or self-improvement standpoint.

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