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Access your full potential


Through unconventional coaching and the wisdom of your brain and body

This is not typical coaching

Hi. I'm Lacinda. I take an unorthodox approach to coaching based in neuroscience and our physical bodies. My work is rooted in candor, momentum, and your right to your own dignity. Clients say I'm a big container, which is to say you can show up exactly as you are during our time together and bring your true personality and history. 

We'll explore how your life's stories impact how you lead, show up in relationship, and move through your day. Whatever stories you're carrying, I can hold them with you and provide a safe environment for you to explore new ways of being in your world.


Based in Neuroscience and physical Practices



Somatic coaching is a transformative and metabolic process anchored in neuroscience, physical practices, and these principles.

AWARENESS: Through increasing your self awareness, bodily awareness, and emotional awareness, you'll gain the necessary information to expand  your capacity for emotional regulation, which is the building block for connection and transformation.

CONNECTION: We'll explore how you set boundaries, give feedback, make/accept/deny requests, negotiate, and how and where these ways of being are serving you or not serving you in accessing your full potential in all aspects of your life.

EMBODIMENT: The physical practices and somatic bodywork of somatic coaching will give you space to explore your nervous system regulation and help you increase your capacity to live from a place of choice (rather than reaction). Through daily practice, you'll be able to respond to situations and people from a more grounded place.


AWARENESS + CONNECTION + EMBODIMENT= living and leading more fully 


How Can i

Help You?

 Schedule a consultation

Through a complimentary discovery session, we can explore together if somatic leadership coaching is the right fit for you.

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