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WELCOME to Embodied Wholeness (EW). EW offers Somatic Leadership Coaching and Consulting services for co-creating sustainable transformation and change. We believe one's full potential is accessible to everyone, and we recognize at times everyone needs assistance to see all the options for how to get there. 

In exploring the potential paths to your full potential, we will go beyond talking about your full potential and build awareness around and honor your whole being. The increased awareness around the unified collection of mind, body, spirit/energy/soul, life experiences, and habits that collectively make you who you are expands the scope of possible choices for how you show up and move through life. We all have habitual ways of responding to various situations and stressors that may not be serving us. Perhaps you have tried to change that response several times and do fine until a particular stressful moment and then it all falls apart. Together, we will identify practices that can build your ability to show up and move through life in new ways, even under stress. These new ways of being in choice allow you to leverage your wisdom and strengths to appropriately request, accept or perhaps even decline opportunities to reach our full potential. 

WHO WE WORK WITH?: We work with anyone committed to the exploration, building awareness, and completing practices to reach their full potential and optimize their performance. Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds and have come with goals formed around transforming how they show up and function in boardrooms, in activist communities, in their family or personal lives, in the gym or athletic competitions, in their commitment to better or consistent health, and around addressing challenges of transitioning to/from work and life in global war zones.  At EW, we hold a deep understanding of the impact of high pressure environments, and the challenges of integrating experiences in high pressure or conflict environments into a life of choice that feels aligned with what you care about most.


Life can feel demanding, and under pressure its common to lose sight of who you are, who you want to be and what you care about most in life. Or maybe a significant life event has shaken your sense of calm or lingers in a way that lets you know its time to explore how you are responding to this event. 


Do you feel a desire to more consistently access your best self? Are you ready to discover and consider additional options in life? Do you want to use your strengths to create the life you envision? If so, EW is a good fit!


EW provides coaching in person and virtually.  Want to learn more--connect with us.  


Through Somatic Coaching and bodywork, we will explore the whole being (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual/energetic, life experiences, and habits) and together we will identify what needs to shift to allow the person and life you envision to be expressed. In Somatic Coaching our dialogue is a journey with and through the body, sensations, and emotions. During the coaching journey, we will have dialogue, move the body through somatic practices, and use somatic bodywork to create awareness and opportunity for transformation in the body. Combined, these elements can create increased awareness and capacity that are essential to the journey of transformation and sustainable change.